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Whale Watching

Whale watching guidelines

Whales are majestic giants of the sea, highly intelligent and sensitive to environmental changes. Which is why, it is essential that you follow guidelines to not disturb their habitat and behaviour.

  • Approach whales slowly and cautiously, and be mindful of their movements and behavior. 
  • When stopping the boat to watch, run the engine for a short while before turning it off, so the whales are aware of your position.
  • Do not actively move closer to the whales than 50 meters, that is 164 feet 
  • Limit the time spent observing the whales to a maximum of 30 minutes. 
  • Do not approach whales from the front or from behind, as this can be perceived as a threat. 
  • Do not make sudden or abrupt changes in speed or direction that could startle or disturb the whales. 
  • When observing whales from shore, keep a distance of at least 300 meters, that is 984 feet 
  • Do not feed or attempt to touch the whales. 
  • If a whale appears to be distressed or injured, do not approach it. Contact the authorities or a local marine mammal expert for assistance.

See the graphic below for reference:

Whale Watching Guidelines, Avannaata Kommunia