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Tsunami risks and Icebergs

Beware of tsunami risk near the shore and in UNESCO heritage site Ilulissat  

Icebergs are larger than you think, the tip of the iceberg is just 10 pct of the total size. When icebergs calves, it can create tsunami waves-when icebergs are large and are within few meters or kilometers from the shore.

Coastal area can be reached by tsunami waves. There are signs of tsunami risk areas in Sermermiut Valley, it means there is a high risk of tsunami waves in the area. It is prohibited to be in the coastal area, as it is dangerous and life threatening. 

Here are few recommendations to our guests 

  1. Never get too close to icebergs from shore and sea (stay away at least 5 meters)
  2. Even if it is from the boat! it's still not safe!