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As the greenlandic sled dog is protected from being bred from other dog races, it is unique of race, and well adapted to the arctic environment and climate. 

There are 2.300 sleddogs in Ilulissat area, it is one of the only cultural heritage being practiced in Greenland, you will therefore walk by dog places, whenever you're visiting North Greenland. What is it that you need to be aware of? 

Unlike pets, sled dogs live outdoors, they are chained, live as a pack, and are fed regularly. But when interacting with the sled dog, one must be aware and be given permission from the owner. Here are some ethics and recommendations, you should read before Exploring North Greenland. 

  • There are signs in dog places of “Don’t feed or touch my dogs” and also those who don't have signs-they don't want you to come near the dogs either. Sled dogs are often represented as ”Wild Animals”, unlike pets- the relationship between human and sled dog is very different.   
  • Some mushers might allow you to get close to their dogs and some might not. Their decision should be respected. It has something to do with your safety and the way the dogs are raised.  
  • Usually, a musher has a pack of dogs. Each pack has an Alfa, a dominant dog. As the dogs are hyper carnivores, they fight to become an Alfa.   
    Musher is their leader during sledding, musher uses signals as guidance and communication between the two. For that reason, you should always follow the musher's guidance.   
  • Why are they chained?  As mentioned, Greenlandic sled dogs are hyper carnivores, as wild-wolves sled dogs lives as a pack with an Alfa to keep order. When dogs are only used to having a relationship with their musher, they can become hostile to any stranger. As they are highly protective of their pack, they can easily attack anyone, even you. You should therefore keep distance to the dog places.