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Safety in Nature

Safety in Nature

We recommend you to bring a Bright Colorful Reflective-Vest or a Jacket, it is also recommended:

  • To wear bright Yellow, Red, Pink or Orange, and not same colors of nature.
  • It will make you visible in case you are in need for rescue.

Be aware of your position at any times:

  • It is essential to be able to tell where you are to the rescue team.
  • It can for instance be: “I am on the Blue Trail close to the river” or “I am between Oqaatsut and Ilulissat, I’ve walked for 2hours from the Airport, I’m close to Kangerluarsuk”
  • You can find names of places at kortvisning.asiaq.gl and can download maps on the web-page.

Bring a portable First Aid Kit preferable with a small mirror:

  • A small mirror can safe your life while being searched for in nature, you can also use it as a signal for help  by reflecting it to the sunlight.
  • Elastic Bandage and antiseptic wipes can help stabilize a wound on the way back to the town.
High Tech Watch can also safe your life
  • As you can send a signal of your where-abouts if you should be searched for by rescue helicopter. All above mentioned are still highly important, to make you visible and easy to spot, it can save you and your companions life

To call for help in Nature can be challenging

  • That is why satellite phones are highly recommended, if your trip is more than one day trip in nature

Safety on the Sea

The sea in Greenland is unpredictable, even for locals – that is why, it is necessary to be trained and to have a certification to sail with passengers.

When you choose to have an experience on sea, we recommend you to look for a certified sailor, as they are trained in Safety on Sea’s, their boats are secured and equipped in case of emergency

How do you know if a sailor has a certification to sail with passengers?  
Certified boats are required to have the permission on the boat
Ask before you book a sailing trip