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  • Snowmobile Trip

    Albatros Arctic Circle

    Our experienced employees in Ilulissat are looking forward to welcoming you to Greenland!  During winter you can join us on adventurous excursions to the backcountry of…
  • Tours

    Amazing Boat Tours Ilulissat

    Captain Wilhelm Gemander, who is sailing all of his tours himself, has over 30 years of experience and values individual service for his guests in his comfortable and safety-ori…
  • Horizon view in Ilulissat

    Arctic Midnight Orienteering, June 26-29th of June 2024

    AMO (short for Arctic Midnight Orienteering) took place 26.-29. June 2024 in Ilulissat Arctic Midnight Orienteering is a 3 day event, which takes place during the midnig…
  • Ilulissat Art Museum by day

    Art exhibition March 28-July 16 (Backbone)

    Next year, the 21st century will round off its first quarter and on this occasion, Ilulissat Art Museum presents the most comprehensive exhibition of non-male Greenlandic contem…
  • Boattour nearby blue-iceberg, Ilulissat

    Authentic Greenland - Ilulissat

    Authentic Greenland is a 100% local tour operator. We offer various boat trips in the Disco Bay area. We offer charter trips, ice fjord sailing, whale safari and other trips. We…
  • Accommodation

    Avani Homes

    Avani Homes is a family owned company that primarily manages room and house rentals in Uummannaq. Avani Homes have approx. 14 rooms and availability for 27 guests. Other…
  • Accommodation

    Blue Trail Guesthouse

    Surrounded by mountains, Greenlandic sled dogs, industrial area and hiking trails you find us situated on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage and Ilulissat Icefiord. S…
  • Brasserie Icecap, Ilulissat

    Brasserie Icecap

    Brasserie Icecap is open two days a week, where you can enjoy local ingrediences and the towns only locally brewed beer.  Dine-in and book a table at Cafe Iluliaq.…
  • Hotel Arctic from the sea

    Brasserie Ulo - Hotel Arctic

    Gourmet restaurant with high quality Greenlandic and international ingredients, with a view to Ilulissat and Icefjord.  Reservation for a table can be necessary, especia…
  • Cafe Dé Upernavik, interior

    Cafe De Upernavik

    Cafe De Upernavik is both a cafe and a homestay. With 4 lovely rooms for overnight guests. 2 Shared bathrooms, TV in all rooms, Free WIFI, Incl. breakfast and free airport shutt…
  • Cafe Iluliaq, Ilulissat

    Cafe Iluliaq

    Enjoy your lunch and dinner at Cafe Iluliaq, where you also can buy local brewed beer.  There are varities of dishes all from steaks, fastfood, shooting star of halibut…
  • Cafe Nuka in Ilulissat

    Cafe Nuka

    The cafe is a part of Hotel Nuka, where morning buffet for hotel guests is served, there is also an opportunity to have brunch in weekends.  After the morning hours, the…
  • Trail running

    Cecilie Run: Second Saturday in July

    A trail running race from Oqaatsut to Ilulissat, there are different distances. o The race is about 22 km, from Oqaatsut to Ilulissat, although you can also run shorter…
  • Dogsled

    Culture night -secondlast Saturday in January 2025

    Each January, usually the second last Saturday, the national library of Greenland coordinates a yearly event called the culture night all over Greenland.  Keep an eye fo…
  • Tours

    Disko Line

    Disko Line was established in 2004 and is today Greenland's largest passenger carrier with 9 ships with capacities from 5 to 60 passengers. Disko Line operates routes in the Dis…
  • Tours

    Disko Line Explorer

    Disko Line Explorer, which is a subsidiary of Disko Line, offers excursions at sea in Disko Bay. All boat trips depart from the town of Ilulissat, where you can experience the m…
  • Tours

    Diskobay Tours

    Authentic tours with local guides This is our culture and this is our home, we are happy to share it with you. With us y…
  • Tours

    Greenland Backcountry -Ilulissat

    At Greenland Backcountry, we're a small but vibrant adventure tourism company rooted in the heart of Ilulissat, Greenland. Our focus is on immersing you in the captivating wonde…
  • Cafés

    Hangout Bistro

    Exciting variety of local dishes prepared with western style. Also an opportunity to dine in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also cocktail-hours on Fridays and Saturd…
  • Hotel Hvide Falk

    Hotel Hvide Falk

    At Hotel Hvide Falk, we offer several different rooms and apartments with everything you need, so you can just focus on recharging batteries for the adventures that are waiting.…
  • Accommodation

    Hotel Icefiord

    At one of the best locations in Ilulissat you will find Hotel Icefiord. The hotel is located in a quiet area, in first row to the sea. In modern surroundings hotel guests can ex…
  • Hotel Ilulissat

    Hotel Ilulissat

    Hotel Ilulissat is the town’s new luxury hotel with the bestlocation and view. It's a part of Best Western group.
  • Accommodation

    Hotel Nordlys - Oqaatsut

    Accommodation in spacious double rooms, with shared washrooms. The rooms are newly renovated. In the hotel café you can buy lunch, cake and coffee. Breakfast is included. Kitche…
  • Accommodation

    Hotel SØMA

    Open doors. Open hearts.  You can find your temporary home in our cozy hotel where we focus on high individual service. Enjoy your breakfast with a view of the bay and f…
  • House of snow-art in public space

    House of snow: From February to end of May 2024

    The Ilulissat Art Museum, in collaboration with Arctic Culture Lab, invited the world-renowned American architect and designer Virginia San Fratello to create a new art project…
  • Sailing and sightseeing

    IceCap Explore - Ilulissat

    We sail through the world's most beautiful sceneries aboard the comfortable Targa 44 de luxe – Greenland's most luxurious excursion boat with a capacity for 12 people. Passenger…
  • Accommodation

    Iherit Accommodation

    Welcome to the northernmost town of Greenland. Iherit means “come in” in the local dialect. Our houses are newly built or recently renovated, with spacious lounges and dining ar…
  • Tours

    Iherit Boat transportation and tours

    Come with us on boat tours to Siorapaluk- the northmost settlement, to glaciers, or anywhere you are interested in the Qaanaaq region. Our boat METHA takes 6 passengers, and is…
  • Ilimanaq Lodges

    Ilimanaq Lodges - Ilulissat

    Ilimanaq Lodge comprises of 15 luxury huts with an adjacent gourmet restaurant and conference facilities.The huts are built as a two-floor construction and are designed to i…
  • Tours

    Ilulissat Adventure

    Ilulissat Adventure offers unique small-group adventures in the Disko Bay area. Come join our adventurous tours showing you the very best of the UNESCO area.Our experien…
  • image placeholder

    Ilulissat Apartment

    Choose the stay that suits your needs and then enjoy a few days in a quiet neighbourhood. The accommodation has a shared kitchen (Kitchen facilities are available), shared bath/…
  • Art museum in winter

    Ilulissat Art Museum

    The Ilulissat Art Museum is one of only two art museums in Greenland, one in Ilulissat and one in Nuuk. Both are based on former private art collections that have been given to…
  • One of Ilulissat Guesthouses' houses

    Ilulissat Guesthouse

    We hope you will enjoy the laid-back feeling of our place. You won´t find any TV in our Guesthouse, but don´t worry there is plenty to look at! Look out the window and y…
  • Accommodation

    Ilulissat Hostel

    We offer 6 good rooms, and with good access to the famous Sermermiut nearby from the hostel. There is a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and 2 separate bathrooms i…
  • Ilulissat Icefjord Centre

    Ilulissat Icefjord Centre

    The Icefjord Centre is a visitor centre, that has the exhibition “The Story of the Ice”, a shop, a café & a rooftop terrace. The icefjord Centre also have different even…
  • image placeholder

    Ilulissat Localguide

  • Landscape and view

    Ilulissat Museum

    Cultural and historical museum The Museum of cultural History is situated in the former seminary for catechists called ‘Ajoqersuivissuaq’, meaning ‘A pl…
  • Inuit Cafe in Ilulissat

    Inuit Cafe

    Inuit Cafe is a cozy place where you can enjoy lunch and dinner. You can order varity and diverse dishes, also served with local products. There are limited seats in the cafe, a…
  • Tours

    Inuk Adventure

    We love adventures and want to give our customers the ultimate experience!Join us in exploring the wild greenlandic nature. We offer activities all year round:…
  • Boat

    JK Charter

    JK Charter is one man business situated in Upernavik, where you can rent a boat, or go on sailing trip.
  • Arctic dog

    March 16th 2024 National dogsled race in Ilulissat was a success

    The national dogsled race in Ilulissat March 16th 2024, has starteed at noon.  The dogsled and the musher usually prepares their dogs half an hour or 1 hour before the r…
  • Accommodation

    Michelles House - Ilulissat

    Michelle´s House is located in quiet surroundings 150 m from the water and only 400 m from the nearest hiking route in the mountains to the UNESCO area. There is room fo…
  • National Flags

    National Day of Greenland, June 21st-every year

    Many celebrations of culture in all towns and living places. Very special- where you also get to see many wearing their national clothing. It’s a bank holiday, and offic…
  • Accommodation

    Paa & Jannik Bed and Breakfast Ilulissat

    Rooms and holiday apartments for rent Whether you need a room or a house, Paa & Jannik can take care of it for you.All of the couple's rental locations are non-smoki…
  • image placeholder

    Qaanaaq Accommodation

    K'itdlaq and Kista welcome you as your neighbour in B-140A in Qaanaaq, Northernmost rent-a-house in Greenland. Rent-a-house with No-smoking area with a great view over t…
  • Restaurant & Bar Naleraq, Ilulissat

    Restaurant & Bar Naleraq

    Pizzaria and few other dishes of burgers, Thai Box, and burgers. Good to have lucnh and dinner for a large group.   Dine in, takeaway and can be delivered through Pajuss…
  • Restaurants

    Restaurant Hotel Icefiord

    Gastronomy is a focal point in the restaurant at Hotel Icefiord. We combine local quality ingredients with skills and experience and add just a pinch of great wine. The kitchen…
  • Restaurants

    Restaurant Hvide Falk

    Newly renovated Restaurant at Hotel Hvide Falk. Gourmet of high quality with focus on Greenlandic fish and meat for both lunch and dinner.   Greenlandic buffet is served…
  • Fur for survival

    Results Children's dogsled race-14th of March in Ilulissat

    The children's dog sled race had occured this year March 14th. The qualifying race for children in Ilulissat have occured March 6th.  Be aware of the dogs, and r…
  • View from the rooftop restaurant, Hotel Ilulissat

    Rooftop Restaurant - Hotel Ilulissat

    In Rooftop restaurant, you will be able to have breakfast lunch and dinner, with one of the best views in Ilulissat.  Breakfast is not only for in-house guests, you will…
  • Cafés

    Sunset Boulevard

    Enjoy the familiar favorites from Sunset Boulevard. Dine in and takeaway. 
  • Tours

    Tarajoq Tours

    Tarajoq Tours offers intimate and adventurous small group tours in the Ilulissat Icefjord and Disko Bay area. We are a locally owned company with a passion to share our…
  • Tourism information, snow and winter, Ilulissat

    Tourist Information - Ilulissat

    Tourism information about the destination of Explore North Greenland, if you want to know more about tour operators or local events, you can walk in and talk with the staff. 
  • Tours

    Unique Tours - Ilulissat

    Introducing Our Small, Family-Owned Business from Ilulissat, Greenland Our mission is to create quality and sustainable products with a focus on environmental respon…
  • Accommodation

    Unnuisarfik B682 - Ilulissat

    The accommodation is a self-service Guest house that started in 1998, 25 years ago. We offer 2 single and 4 double rooms. Unnuisarfik is a two-leveled house w…
  • Accommodation

    Upernavik Accommodation

    We rent out rooms, apartments and houses in Upernavik in northwestern Greenland.  Our focus is on giving you a good experience when you visit our area. Whether you are a…
  • View of sea-ice and the museum in Upernavik

    Upernavik Museum

    Upernavik Museum has several houses for exhibition of art scuplture and much more. The location is one of the oldest part of Upernavik town, and it is the northern most open air…
  • Exhibitions

    Uummannaq Museum

    Uummannaq Museum has several historical buildings, that were built as Medical Center by the end of 19th Century There…
  • Tours

    Uummannaq Seasafaris

    Summer Excursions Boat Tours and Charters Settlement Tours Sightseeing Uummannaq Hike to Santa Claus’ summer residence S…
  • Tours

    Uummannaq Seasafaris - Winter

    Winter Excursions 7 days of dogsledding expedition Short dogsledding tours Snowmobile Ice fishing
  • Tours

    World of Greenland

    World of Greenland is a local company offering exclusive lodge accommodation and exciting tours in the area around Ilulissat. Ilimanaq Lodge Glacier Lod…