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Arctic summer

Qajartortut, icebergs and midnightsun - Glenn Mattsing, Visit Greenland

Arctic Summer and midnight sun

Mid June to mid August: 

Average temperature during summer is between 10-15 Celsius Degrees:  
Midnight sun, where the sun never sets, can be experienced in-between May and August, just like during polar night period, the length of the midnight sun varies depending on where you are, below on the list you'll fin dates of each town in North Greenland. 

  • Qaanaaq from 21st of April to 23rd of August
  • Upernavik from 6th of May to 8th of August
  • Uummannaq from 17th of May to 28th of July
  • Ilulissat from 20th of May to 23rd of July

As North Greenland is very special, during this time of the period you can eperience dogsledding on sea ice in Qaanaaq, to sailing amongst icebergs in Ilulissat.  

This will be the season where you don’t want to go to bed as you’re energetic and want to enjoy being in nature while the sun is out. During summer there are opportunities to go sailing in nearby areas for sightseeing, self-guided hiking nearby the towns, and experiencing wildlife on seas and sky are main activities our visitors do.