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Explore North Greenland and the municipality.

This is not just a destination or wild life, North Greenland is also a home for local community and arctic mammals. 
Explore North Greenland is placed in Avannaata Kommunia (Municipality of North) representing each town, village, tourism operators and local community. On this page, you can read about facts the towns and culture. 

About the towns and surroundings.

What is special about this destination is, where the towns and the villages are located. In total, there are 25 living places along the coast of North West Greenland. With a population approximately of 10.920 the majority of the inhabitants live in Ilulissat. You can read about facts about each town and it's surroundings below. 

The fishing industry and hunting are important for the local community. The main reason to that is, traditional practices of hunting and gathering are still practiced, a lot of the households have economic activities of the fishing industry, last but not least the cultural heritage of dogsledding lives on, by the community today.  

It is important for the municipality to develop sustainably, one of the main goals is to be Co2 neutral. 

Population and latitudes

  • Ilulissat has 4848 inhabitants and four villages with 371 inhabitants in total, placed in the latitude of 69,2° N.
  • Uummannaq has 1407 inhabitants and five villages with 827 inhabitants in total, placed in the latitude of 70° N.
  • Upernavik has 1076 inhabitants and eleven villages with 1625 inhabitants in total, placed in the latitude of 71° N.
  • Qaanaaq has 619 inhabitants and three villages with 123 inhabitans in total, placed in the latitude of 77° N. 
    The future of North Greenland

The future of North Greenland

In Ilulissat- an international airport is being built at the moment. It is expected to be ready in 2025, the infrastructural initiative gives an opportunity to travel easier to and from North Greenland. 


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