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Arctic Spring

Melting snow - Adam Lyberth, Visit Greenland

Arctic Spring

May - early June

Average temperature during spring is between Minus 5 - 0 Celsius Degrees: 
When everything starts blooming in many other places, nothing really blooms in Greenland. This is the time you would want to bring some rubber boots’ or any other waterproof outwear while visiting North Greenland.

The snow is melting, the roads in the towns will be watery, and hiking trails slippery due to melting ice and snow, that is why we recommend you to be very careful, when wandering around anywhere you go, and remember to bring shoe spikes, so that you safely can go out in the nature.  

cooking in nature - Peter Lindstrom, Visit Greenland
cooking in nature

Have you heard about igaasariarneq?

A North Greenlandic tradition of cooking and eating in nature during spring. 

On whitsun day, families gather in nature to grill Greenlandic proviants, such as seal, by burning branches seasoning meat with herbs and salt, with a essert of Greenlandic cake and buns with coffee. The food tastes a lot better when cooked outside mixed with love and fresh air. 

Sailing by iceberg - Florian Gurtner, Visit Greenland
Sailing by iceberg

This is also the time where the boats are set to sea... 

After the long winter, locals of North Greenland begin to prepare for summer season, also by setting their boats to the sea. Finally, hunting and fishing on sea's begin again. At the same time tourism sailing companies also starting to prepare to recieve the guests. 

In Ilulissat area, sailing amongst icebergs and midnight sailing are among the most popular activities for our guests. Nevertheless there are also opportunity to explore Uummannaq fjord and the archipelago of Upernavik through sea's. Where ever you go in North Greenland there are icebergs as there are many glacier fjords in the destination.