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Polar night

Northern Lights, darksky nd mountains - Dorthe Kruse, Avannaata Kommunia
Siorapaluk - Maassannguaq Oshima, Avannaata Kommunia

Polar night

End of November to Mid January (In Qaanaaq until 17th of February)

Average temperature is between minus 10 – minus 17 Celsius Degrees: 
Polar night, also meaning where the sun never rises, starts differently and accordingly to where you are in North Greenland. Where local inhabitants don’t get to see the sun for almost four months. The further south you go, the shorter is the polar night. Because of it, it is a very sepcial occation when the sun comes back, locals greet the sun by singing with hot chocolate and bun afterwards. 

Periodes of polar night for each town:

  • In Qaanaaq 29th of October - 17th of February
  • In Upernavik 13th of November - 27th of January.
  • In Uummannaq 22nd of November - 19th of January 
  • In Ilulissat 30th of November - 12th of January.  

Most common question is, “is it total darkness during this time of the year?” The answer is no, you will still be able to experience daylight during noon. During the dark time, the experience of the sky is like no other. New fallen snow and full moon, northern lights / aurora dancing on the sky, on clear sky are something you’ll never forget, as Greenland has one of the most unpolluted skies from light, everything in the sky seems a little closer to you when you’re visiting during polar night.  

Did you know Inuit have a saying that northern lights are spirits of ancestors playing football on sky? And that the ball is a skull!  


Christmas tree  - Sofia Padro, Visit Greenland
Christmas tree

Don't miss Christmas season during polar night: 

In Greenland, each Sunday of Advent is as important as Christmas day, families gather for dinner, masses in church are filled with Christmas carols, each house is decorated with Christmas lights and candles warm up houses.

Even though it is the darkest time of the year, visiting North Greenland during this time of the year, will warm up your heart and Christmas spirit with joy.  

Mount Uummannaq - Erez Maron, Visit Greenland
Mount Uummannaq

Psssst...  Santa's home is in Uummannaq!

Did you know, Santa has a cabin in Uummannaq? He also has a very large letter box, send your wishes to Santa 



Santa Claus - Nissimaaq, Atuarfik Edvard kruse P.O Box 193

3961 Uummannaq, Greenland